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Don-E feat. Natasha Watts – Big People Tings [Future Rare Grooves]
Fahren J – My Soul [Life Changing Music]
D. Saunders – Step With Me [The New Old School]
Kem – The Soft Side Of Love [Promise To Love]
Nichelle Mungo feat. Wain Jonze – Fall In Love [Indie Soul United 2]
Such feat. Mathenee Treco – P’s and Q’s [Trial And Error]
Conya Doss – You Got Me
K’Jon – A Beautiful Thing
Fahren J – Today [Life Changing Music]
Portia Monique – Grace
Victor Haynes – Stay With Me [My Time Is Here]
Reeny Smith – Another Try [I Am Reeny]
D. Saunders – Take It Slow [The New Old School]
Smokie Norful – I’ve Got What You Need [Forever Yours]
Carl Thomas feat. LL Cool J – She Is [Let’s Talk About It] (2004)
Felicia Adams – No One Else [Read My Lips] (2004)
Trina Broussard – Dreaming Of One [Same Girl] (2004)
Pete Belasco – All In My Mind [Get It Together] (1997)
Howard Hewett – Crystal Clear [It’s Time] (1994)
Steve Parks – Movin’ In The Right Direction [Movin’ In The Right Direction] (1981)
Switch – I Wanna Be Closer [Switch] (1979)
Ashanti Munir – Every Day Every Night [Indie Soul United 2]
Glen Goldsmith – London Skies (Soul Talk Remix)
Karen Bernod – Inspire
Leroy Johnson – Start To Care [Let The Son Shine]
Muscle Shoals Live – Our Love Is In The Melody [The River That Sings: The Next Generation]
Victor Haynes – Feel [My Time Is Here]
Vince Broomfield – Give Me A Call