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Hour One

Westcoast Soulstars Ft. Janine Johnson – Take Me There (Foot Stomp Mix)

Ashanti Munir – Every Day Every Night [Indie Soul United 2]

Glen Goldsmith – Don’t Delay

Solo – Gone [3.0 Rebooted]

Steven Russell Harts – You Do That Thing To Me [The Wedding Singer]

Joe Jordan – Step (She Moves Like Shes’s Making Love ) [Give Love]

Joe Leavy – Find A Way To Love

Michael Johnson – Free Yourself And Believe

Don-E – You’re Special [Future Rare Grooves]

Victor Haynes – Stay With Me [My Time Is Here]

Nichelle Mungo – Fall In Love (Ft. Wain Jonze) [Indie Soul United 2]

Angela Johnson – I Promise (M.O.N.E.Y.) Ft. Raul Midon [Naturally Me]

Smokie Norful – I’ve Got What You Need [Forever Yours]

Vince Broomfield – A Beautiful Beginning

Glen Goldsmith – London Skies (Soul Talk Remix)

Hour Two

Howard Hewett – Better Guy

Smokie Norful – I Feel Good [Forever Yours]

Ray Hayden – Do You Want Some Lovin’

K’Jon – A Beautiful Thing

Kenya Ft. Kloud 9 – Be Here

Kem – Nobody [Promise To Love]

Gwendolyn Collins – Beautiful Fantasy [Storytelling Side I / The Simple Things]

Kem – The Soft Side Of Love [Promise To Love]

Athene Wilson – Wildfire (Ft. Elan Trotman) [Indie Soul United 2]

Sharron – I’m Done

Victor Haynes – Together [My Time Is Here]

Conya Doss – You Got Me

Jason Jay El Shorter – The One (Ft. Wadz) [Indie Soul United 2]

Don-E – I Don’t Wanna Hold It Down [Future Rare Grooves]

Eric Roberson – Don’t Hide Your Wings [The Box]