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The Friday Night Rotation 5th September 2014

Dominique Toney – We Are [A Love Like Ours]
Blaq Pearl – Life’s No Metaphor [Against All Odds]
Nichelle Mungo feat. Wain Jonze – Fall In Love [Indie Soul United 2]
Victor Haynes – Together [My Time Is Here]
K’Jon – A Beautiful Thing
Fahima – In The Light
Victery Tutson – Let Somebody Love You
Kim Waters feat. Dana Pope – Anything You Need [Silver Soul]
Kem – The Soft Side Of Love [Promise To Love]
Cathy Banks – My Soul Desire
Ashanti Munir & Ty Causey feat. Pat Loomis – Yesterday [Indie Soul United 2]
Sharron – I’m Done
Howard Hewett – Better Guy
Glen Goldsmith – London Skies (Soul Talk Remix)
Tracy Cruz – Let Me Sing [Feel’osophy] (2008)
Bashiyra – Immaculate [Thought You Knew] (2009)
Slique – Step The Night Away [Step The Night Away] (2011)
Jeffree – Love Loan [Call It Love] (1996)
Art Porter feat. Lalah Hathaway – One More Chance [Lay Your Hands On Me] (1996)
Rockie Robbins – You And Me [You And Me] (1980)
Deniece Williams – Cause You Love Me Baby [This Is Niecy] (1976)
Victor Haynes – My Time Is Here [My Time Is Here]
Leroy Johnson – Start To Care [Let The Son Shine]
Vince Broomfield – Give Me A Call
Shakatak – Deeper (Ga Outstanding 80’s Mix) [On The Corner]
Kalila Foy – Loving Me [Finally Free…Loving Me]