Erin Leah – Radio Billie Stereo Ella – DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Jazzy Sensation Mix (Quantize Records) The N’Dinga Gaba remix is fantastic, but this mix nails it for me, from the very start with its very early 90s acid style bassline, and Erin’s wonderful vocals over the top with its catchy hooks is a great song in itself, but its the second half of this 10min bomb that really sends the shivers down my spine!! The song drops down to just the bassline, and continues in a Jazz ScattingĀ  style of Billy Holiday & Ella Fitzgerald in what seems to be a 1920s influenced piece brought bang up to date with a little help from Sheila Ford on BG vocals…. What can one say about this other than a truly uplifting modern day jazz/house/vocal floorfiller. An essential purchase !! Here’s the link: Jazzy Sensation Mix.

Reviewed By DJ Alan Powell The Midnight Mix show Solar Radio.