Colman BrothersThe Colman Brothers
‘The Colman Brothers’
(Wah Wah 45s)

After a handful of genuinely amazing 45’s, The Colman Brothers LP has been a much anticipated release here at Jelly towers. The expectation has been high, and even before hearing it I kind of knew that this would be one of the most artistically complete things Wah Wah has ever put out, I wasn’t wrong!

Mat (trombone) and Andrew (trumpet/flugelhorn) with sister Sara on vocals have created simply stunning straight-up-jazz for the dancefloor album, it brings tough bossa rhythms on cuts like ‘Mr. DG’, the blazing ‘Another Brother’ and ‘Sem Amor’, alongside the more chilled late night flavours of ‘Momo’ and ‘The Chief’, and doing so have produced a beautifully constructed album that pays homage, musically and visually, to labels like Atlantic, Prestige and Riverside. This one is for fans of quality music, peroid. Fans of Nostalgia 77 and the like,this is your bag for sure. Big props to Animisiewasz from Poland too for a gorgeous bit of sleeve design!

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Colman Brothers ‘Another Brother’